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US-7263736-B2: Sand dune bridges and methods of protecting sand dunes patent, US-7284649-B2: Sheet feeding roller patent, US-7290570-B1: Twist attachment device patent, US-7359512-B1: Authentication in a quantum cryptographic system patent, US-7591872-B1: Method for producing silver nanoparticles and conductive ink patent, US-7598769-B2: Apparatus and method for a programmable logic device having improved look up tables patent, US-7770785-B2: Apparatus and methods for detection and management of unauthorized executable instructions on a wireless device patent, US-7852704-B2: Semiconductor storage device patent, US-8091705-B1: Diamond polishing pad caddy patent, US-8125727-B2: Disk drive and method for adjusting common-mode voltage of an element on a head-slider patent, US-8149284-B2: Imaging unit having a shake correction unit patent, US-8188129-B2: (−)-enantiomer of the 2-[2-(1-chloro-cyclopropyl)-3-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-hydroxypropyl]-2,4-dihydro-[1,2,4]-triazole-3-thione patent, US-8189097-B2: Adjusting method of flash intensity patent, US-8200727-B2: Method and apparatus for verifying and diversifying randomness patent, US-8204923-B1: Systems and methods for scaling parameters patent, US-8336246-B1: Rail attachment mechanism patent, US-8373882-B2: Mobile document imaging and transmission patent, US-8392136-B2: In-place management of semiconductor equipment recipes patent, US-8509572-B2: Handwriting recognition using an electronic stylus patent, US-8527419-B1: End to end (E2E) processing patent, US-6650528-B2: Ignition device for a safety system patent, US-6692224-B2: Turbo compressor patent, US-6696801-B2: Microwave excited ultraviolet lamp system with improved lamp cooling patent, US-6742041-B1: Method for improving performance in computer networks based on lossy channels patent, US-6755320-B2: Apparatus dispensing rechargeable refrigerating elements patent, US-6775127-B2: Anode member for a solid electrolytic capacitor, method of producing the same and solid electrolytic capacitor using the same patent, US-6796804-B2: Circuit card package including a parent card and capable of accommodating at least one child card patent, US-6830520-B1: Adjustable embedded bat speed indicator patent, US-6909603-B2: Ventilating slide rail mount patent, US-6935031-B1: Gear-driven shears provided with a curved plate on a movable jaw patent, US-2006203992-A1: Method for controlling emotion information in wireless terminal patent, US-6943120-B1: Method to improve via or contact hole profile using an in-situ polymer deposition and strip procedure patent, US-6998867-B1: Enhanced sampling methodology for semiconductor processing patent, US-7015851-B1: Linearizing ADCs using single-bit dither patent, US-7032940-B1: Animal waste scooper and bagging system patent, US-7054501-B1: Estimating noise for a digital image utilizing updated statistics patent, US-7075929-B2: Dense mode IP multicast call scoping in a wireless communication system patent, US-7093247-B2: Installation of a data processing solution patent, US-7119265-B2: Illuminated musical instrument patent, US-7135897-B2: Clock resynchronizer patent, US-7169066-B2: Golf ball patent, US-7281041-B2: Method and apparatus for providing a baselining and auto-thresholding framework patent, US-7325707-B2: Dispenser for a liquid or pasty product patent, US-7343129-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-7376244-B2: Imaging surveillance system and method for event detection in low illumination patent, US-7396971-B2: Two stage hydrocarbon conversion reaction system patent, US-7424037-B2: OTU frame data generating apparatus and method in which multiframe structured data to be inserted into overhead portion can be easily edited patent, US-7440636-B2: Method and apparatus for image processing patent, US-7518003-B2: Production process of tetrahydropyran compound and tetrahydropyran compound produced by the production process patent, US-7527545-B2: Methods and tools for controlling the removal of material from microfeature workpieces patent, US-7532668-B2: Transmitter and transmitting method, receiver and receiving method, pulse detection method, and tracking method patent, US-7587442-B2: Method of determining the derivative of an input signal patent, US-7678946-B2: 2,4,6,-trisubstituted having anesthetic properties patent, US-7700762-B2: Plasmid DNA clarification patent, US-7701490-B2: Automatically transmitting images from an electronic camera to a service provider using a network configuration file patent, US-7716448-B2: Page oriented memory management patent, US-7779746-B1: Stress limiting diaphragm for diaphragm and bellows pumps and actuators patent, US-7838947-B2: Read-only memory device coded with selectively insulated gate electrodes patent, US-7851819-B2: Transparent heat spreader for LEDs patent, US-7994758-B2: System and method for improving efficiency of a power factor correction boost pre-regulator patent, US-8078343-B2: Virtual control panel for aeronautics attitude reference units patent, US-8090715-B2: Method and system for dynamically generating a search result patent, US-8102296-B2: Electromagnetic conductor reflecting plate and antenna array thereof and radar thereof and communication apparatus thereof patent, US-8180079-B2: Method and apparatus for setting a hearing device patent, US-8206050-B2: Dispenser having an anti-rotation piston patent, US-8222565-B2: Method for laser fusion cutting without cutting gas patent, US-8354170-B1: Elastomeric matrix composites patent, US-8399046-B2: Preparation method of metal oxide doped monolith carbon aerogel for capacitance capacitor patent, US-6691814-B2: Rear suspension structure for motorcycle patent, US-6729438-B1: Ladder padding device patent, US-6761258-B1: Method of constructing a wheel patent, US-6921233-B2: Cutter insert and milling tool patent, US-6948357-B1: Cam shaft intake angle examining device patent, US-6951138-B1: Method and apparatus for an ocean bottom seismic acquisition technique patent, US-6978305-B1: Method and apparatus to facilitate access and propagation of messages in communication queues using a public network patent, US-7003739-B2: Method and apparatus for finding optimal unification substitution for formulas in technology library patent, US-7012978-B2: Robust multiple chain receiver patent, US-7169820-B2: Rare earth phosphate colloidal dispersion and preparation method patent, US-7217879-B2: Reverberation sound generating apparatus patent, US-7355686-B2: Optical system including molded optical element and method of manufacturing the optical system patent, US-7375901-B2: Zoom lens patent, US-7450070-B2: Antennas patent, US-7627416-B2: Method and apparatus for operating a dual fuel internal combustion engine patent, US-7692359-B2: Driving apparatus patent, US-7692769-B2: Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method patent, US-7889120-B2: Pulsed radar level detection system using pulse dithering to eliminate inaccuracies caused by tank rattle patent, US-7995522-B2: Base station and packet transfer equipment patent, US-8027264-B2: Method and apparatus for measuring subjective assessment of digital video impairment patent, US-8090934-B2: Systems and methods for providing security for computer systems patent, US-8173837-B1: Process for the production of L-citrulline from watermelon flesh and rind patent, US-8289810-B2: Winding state evaluation method for tape film and winding method for tape film patent, US-8330507-B2: Driving controller and internal voltage generation circuit patent, US-8339367-B2: System and method for analyzing movements of an electronic device using rotational movement data patent, US-8400390-B2: Gate driving device and liquid crystal display having the same patent, US-8405375-B2: Intermittently activated bandgap reference circuit patent, US-8432909-B2: Methods and systems for using a link management interface to distribute information in a communications network patent, US-6653977-B1: Wireless handset patent, US-6686773-B1: Reducing short circuit power in CMOS inverter circuits patent, US-6715822-B2: Vehicle roof patent, US-6727164-B2: Method for fabricating a semiconducting nitride film, susceptor tray, and apparatus for fabricating a semiconducting nitride film patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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